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Hand, Arm, Leg & Foot Massage

Soothing and releasing oil massage, focussing on the limb muscles, hands and feet

  • 45 min
  • 30 British pounds
  • Blackrod

About this Service

This half body oil massage treatment offers you an opportunity to take some time out, relax and unwind, ease tense muscles and feel renewed. A half body massage allows you to spend some focussed time of those areas calling for your attention the most. This massage focusses on the Hands, Arms, Legs and Feet. We use our limbs all day everyday, they hold us upright and allow us to take action in our lives. These areas hold a lot of hidden tension, which can often be overlooked. This is the perfect treatment for clients who spend a lot of time on their feet, engage in manual labour and dexterous work, or partake in weight-bearing activities. This treatment can also be a useful wind down for avid gym goers. Benefits of holistic massage include: - Improved circulation - Release of muscular and joint tension - Promotes removal of toxins - Deep relaxation - Hormone balancing - Eases aches and pains ... and much more. Your appointment also includes an initial consultation and debrief. To experience this therapy with the added benefit of an aromatherapy essential oil blend, see our Aromatherapy Half Body Massage option.

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