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Reiki Distance Healing

Energy medicine from the comfort of your own home

  • 1 h 15 min
  • From 35 British pounds
  • Online Session

About this Service

This treatment is a Reiki healing given remotely over an online session. Reiki energy is not subject to limits of time and space, which means a healing can be given without the client even needing to be in the same room as the therapist, never mind the same time zone! This is healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. During your remote session, the therapist will connect with your location in space, and simulate placing their hands in various positions on or just above your body, to direct universal life energy into your energetic space over the distance in between. Reiki energy goes wherever it is required in the body, which means you may experience unexpected benefits as the Reiki seeks to locate the source of the issue. If you require, the therapist will share any insights or energy readings experienced during the treatment, which can indicate how you can maintain your energy levels following the treatment. Choose from the following Reiki Healing options: - Reiki Full Body Healing (75 min) - £50 - Reiki Aura & Chakra Healing (60 min) - £40 - Reiki Upper Body & Grounding Healing (50 min) - £35 Please see the individual in-person service options for a description of each healing session offer. Note the session may be a 50, 60, or 75 min appointment depending on your choice. Benefits of a Reiki healing treatment include: - Deep relaxation - Clearing of energetic blockages - Sense of feeling renewed - Insights into emotional or spiritual issues - Relief from physical conditions This is the perfect treatment for clients who are interested in a Reiki healing but are unable to access an in-person healing. Please see the individual in-person service options for a more detailed description of each session's benefits. This treatment is given with the client fully clothed, either lying down or sitting in a chair. This treatment also requires a working and reliable internet connection, and a backup telephone number. Your appointment also includes an initial consultation and debrief.

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