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Reiki Upper Body & Grounding Healing

Energy medicine to feel more connected

  • 50 min
  • 35 British pounds
  • Blackrod

About this Service

This treatment is a Reiki healing directed towards your upper body, lower legs and feet. This is healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The upper body is where we hold a lot of our mental energy, relationship issues, feelings of obligation, and our incongruences against the external world. An upper body healing can help to soothe any unease in these areas, and allow deeper connection to ourselves, our relationships and our divine purpose. Reiki energy directed towards the lower legs and feet will encourage feelings of stability, grounding and connection to the Earth. The therapist will place their hands in various positions on or just above your upper body and then lower legs, and direct universal life energy into your energetic space. Reiki energy goes wherever it is required in the body, which means you may experience unexpected benefits as the Reiki seeks to locate the source of the issue. If you require, the therapist will share any insights or energy readings experienced during the treatment, which can indicate how you can maintain your energy levels following the treatment. Benefits of a Reiki healing treatment include: - Deep relaxation - Clearing of energetic blockages - Sense of feeling renewed - Insights into emotional or spiritual issues - Relief from physical conditions This is the perfect treatment for clients who are feeling disconnected from others and their true selves, who are experiencing dissatisfaction in work or their relationships, who feel they are not getting enough time for themselves or their own interests, or who feel a sense of niggling unease or dispiritedness within their body. This treatment is given with the client sitting in a chair fully clothed, and will incorporate some elements of sound healing. Your appointment also includes an initial consultation and debrief.

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