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Meditation for Beginners (Online)

This service is not currently available, please contact us to enquire.

New to meditation? Join this gentle online class to learn the basics and settle into your practice

  • 7.50 British pounds
  • Online Session

About this Service

Have you always wanted to try meditation but haven't been sure where to start? Settling into a comfortable meditation practice can sometimes feel out of reach when you are unsure where to begin. In this regular beginners' class, we offer a safe space to start out on your practice, learn the basics and begin to connect with a sense of peace that comes from within the self. Meditation is much more than just sitting quietly without any thoughts... We will explore different exercises in mindful awareness, breathing techniques, mind/body connection, alongside some movement and sound, introducing you gently to different ways to meditate. If you are searching for a way to find inner stillness and peace, this class is for you. Classes can be taken as and when, or with a Monthly Pass you can attend four classes in a month for the price of three (see Packages & Offers). This session is held online, and requires a reliable internet connection. All appointment bookings are made using GMT/BST time zones, please check any time difference carefully before booking.

Upcoming Availability

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