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Talking Therapies at Indigo Holistics

At Indigo Holistics, the value of a safe space to explore your experience and voice your deepest meaning is completely understood and provided for.


You will be working with a qualified counsellor with experience of working with a variety of client needs and extensive experience of working with people who have suffered trauma.

Talking therapy sessions offered with Indigo Holistics are rooted in a client-centred modality, working to your own pace and empowering you to decide how your sessions will run.

counselling and talking therapies

To help you decide if Indigo Holistics is the right fit for you, and to ascertain which service will suit your needs, you have the option to book a free introductory session where we can discuss how we will work, what you need from your sessions, and you can ask any questions you may have about the service.

Whether you wish to work through grief, anger, anxiety; issues with family, work or relationships, or you wish to discover your barriers to reaching your full potential, Indigo Holistics provides a safe and caring environment for you to unpack and understand your experience, and bring your fullest, most wonderful self out into the open!

in-person counselling and talking therapy

Uniquely, Indigo Holistics also offers sessions in holistic counselling and spiritual counselling, which provide an opportunity for you to explore issues from a mind/body/soul perspective.

Your sessions can be held in-person, indoors or outdoors, or remotely online, which means that wherever you are in the world, Indigo Holistics is here for you.

outdoor counselling and walk and talk therapy
Indigo Holistics

Ready to talk? Book your FREE Introductory Taster Session here...

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Testimonials for Indigo Holistics...

"I have known Christina for around 4 years and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services as an holistic therapist and counsellor. I have found her to be an experienced and skilled practitioner. She is genuine and intuitive and is always professional in her practice."

Sue - Bury, Manchester


Talking Therapies with Indigo Holistics

Supportive Counselling

Therapy Session

These sessions follow a traditional person-centred talking therapy modality and will be guided by your needs.

Discover a safe space to feel your emotions and explore your experiences in confidence, gain insights and resolve how to move forward.

These sessions are available in-person, remotely or outdoors.

Supportive Counselling Options:

In-Person Sessions:
Online Sessions:
Outdoor Sessions:
Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling

These sessions aim to address your whole being – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Discover a safe space to learn new techniques and approaches to acquaint yourself with your physical body and emotional sensing, while you explore your experience through talking therapy.

These sessions are available in-person or online.

Holistic Counselling Options:

In-Person Sessions:
Online Sessions:
Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling

These sessions aim to examine your eternal and energetic self.

This is a safe space to discuss all elements of your soul journey, whether you are looking to discover your meaningful purpose in life, or you are a healer wishing to develop in service to others.

These sessions are available in-person, online or outdoors.

Spiritual Counselling Options:

In-Person Sessions:
Online Sessions:
Outdoor Sessions:
Indigo Holistics

Not sure which session is right for you? Book your FREE Introductory Taster Session here...

Need some more information first?

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Seeking affordable therapy?

Save almost 10% by investing in three therapy sessions upfront*

*Clients must have attended an introductory session before purchasing

Indigo Holistics offers a choice of bespoke counselling sessions to suit your needs, from supportive talking therapy, to holistic wellbeing and spiritual counselling. 

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