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Classes and Workshops at Indigo Holistics

Indigo Holistics runs weekly meditation classes, both online and in-person at various locations in the Lancashire and Greater Manchester area.

We also run regular workshops offering insights, activities and practical takeaways on all aspects of wellbeing.

Check out our Upcoming Workshops and Event Calendar below to find out more about what's on at Indigo Holistics.

Meditation Classes with Indigo Holistics:

In-Person Classes
Online - Beginners
Online - Advanced
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Meditation Class
Indigo Holistics
Fancy growing a regular practice?

Attend four classes in a month for the price of three, with a Meditation Membership...

Upcoming Workshops with Indigo Holistics

Reiki Attunement & Training with Indigo Holistics

Reiki (universal life energy) is a wonderfully intuitive and flexible healing modality which can bring forth a multitude of benefits to both the healer and the client.


Indigo Holistics offers the three Reiki Attunement Courses to those who are ready to take their learning and healing to the next level.

Becoming attuned to Reiki is a commitment to spiritual development, and these courses follow the traditions and rituals which respect the origins of this healing modality and the responsibility which comes with being a Reiki healer.

At Indigo Holistics we offer:

- Reiki I - Attunement Course

- Reiki II - Practitioner Course

- Reiki III - Master Course

Each course is delivered over two days (Saturday & Sunday).

You must have completed the preceding degree either with Indigo Holistics or another provider in order to progress to the next course. Attendance on each day of the course is required as a minimum to pass the course.


Book on the next course with Indigo Holistics:

Reiki I
Reiki II
Reiki III

Book Indigo Holistics for your next corporate event...

Whether you would like to host a wellbeing event for your workplace, would like a bespoke workshop for your employees, or would like to book a set of mini treatments for your staff,  Indigo Holistics has a corporate offering to suit your needs and budget. Contact me to discuss your needs...

Indigo Holistics Events Calendar

Fancy a freebie? Access free content with Indigo Holistics on YouTube...

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