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Give the Gift of Wellness with Indigo Holistics

Treat a loved one to some holistic healing... or why not treat yourself?

Hopi Ear Candle & Gentle Facial Massage Bundle
(50 mins) - £35

Combine these two gentle and soothing treatments in one, for yourself or a loved one. Enjoy a relaxing ear candle treatment followed by a luxurious facial massage. Your appointment includes an initial consultation.

Soul Soothing Bundle (75 mins) - £50

Enjoy an Indian Head Massage followed by a Crystal Aura Cleanse and Reiki Upper Body healing. Your appointment includes an initial consultation.

Holistic Therapy
Radiant Renewal Bundle (75 mins) - £50

Experience a half body massage boosted with the power of crystal healing energy. This bundle includes a quartz crystal energy healing followed by a relaxing back, shoulder, neck, head, and foot massage.

Mini Massage Bundle (60 mins) - £40

Treat yourself to a relaxing pamper. This bundle includes a soothing back massage, unwinding foot massage and gentle head, face and shoulder massage.

Ethereal Energy Bundle (45 mins) - £30

Experience intense relaxation, grounding and healing. This bundle includes a guided meditation, aura reading and cleanse, sound therapy and mini Reiki Healing.

Indigo Holistics
Wish to purchase a bundle as a gift without generating a booking?
Contact Indigo Holistics direct to purchase offline: 
Holistic Therapy
Terms & Conditions

Treatment bundles are valid for three months from date of purchase when bought as a gift. Gift bundles cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-transferrable. Gift cards and gift vouchers may be used as part-payment however no change can be given.

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